Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So what did I use those rubies for?

I'm still thrilled about my rubies and as promised, I'll show you what I used one of them for:

Yes, a fantastic art nouveau inspired (well, most of my work is, but this one is fairly extreme I think) necklace, using one of the larger 1.7 carat oval rubies as a focal point. I added a smooth and slender onyx drop to finish off the piece elegantly and used black satin to match for the necklace itself.

I'm quite satisfied with this piece and hope to provide a good home for the other rubies as well...

See more picture (or buy it) here


  1. WOW! The necklace is beautiful! The ruby among the black and silver is striking! Great job!

  2. Stunning! I love the shape of the pendant & the colors really are wonderful together!