Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stone slut in heaven

It’s been months since my last entry here simply because I have been way too busy! Starting a new business, complete with a shop and all is time consuming enough, but my part time job on the side was becoming an increasing drainer. Without going into too much detail, I can safely say, that the psychological working environment was hell. I’m this cliché artist-type of person, it seems, with a fleeting artistic mind and a fragile mental constitution. Or at least that’s what it felt like, as I slowly fell apart and last week I simply had to “throw in the towel” aka give up and have my doctor turning me in sick due to stress.

A week has passed from that moment, and it was the right thing to do, I can feel. I have been nesting at home, just doing non-challenging household work, reading, sowing, watching a movie and generally limiting my world and numbers of decisions to make to a minimum. It has done me good and although I’m still short-fused, cry easily and am generally somewhat fragile, the mood at least has become a lot better.

Today it got a LOT better, when I attended a private gem selling event at one of my commissioners. He knew a guy who once a year travels to India and comes home with literally tons of stones! He had brought a few kilos to this event and here we are:

Oh…. Being a genuine stone slut, this is exhilarating like nothing else! For the next hours I browsed through all the baskets fishing for those stones that were the very best ones. Though the gems were very fairly priced, of cause I went wild and ended up using a LOT more money than I had anticipated!

But at home, I could spread out the stash and felt like a happy dragon over her treasure, grumbling “Mine! All mine!” at my somewhat puzzled boyfriend, who really wasn’t that interested and rather would play WoW. Heh – my gems are REAL, although they do not grant extra dexterity when wearing them.

Here are the smaller, more delicate gemstones only.

As you can see, I especially bought a lot of topazes of a varying quality.

I love this cool blue and so do my customers. In other words: Nice new pieces with blue (and other wonderful) gems will soon surface!

Oh to be a stone slut with a fresh stash… yummy!