Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SALE - 50% off everything vermeil!

Save 50% on this years Christmas gifts.
I am discontinuing producing vermeil jewelry. Therefor I am selling my entire stash. Once it's gone, it's gone, so hurry up and grab these beauties. Send me a mail ( design@gallericastens.dk ) or visit me in my shop.  The stated prices are BEFORE prices - you pay only half.

Small flower earrings 700 kr., Flower necklace (chain 42 cm) 750 kr., flower necklace with pearl (chain 80 cm) 1100 kr., flower ring with diamond SOLD OUT, flower ring size 54 1000 kr., flower ring size 56,5 with small flower and bubbles 1090 kr.
 Dragon necklace with prehenite (chain 45 cm) 1300 kr. Dragon necklace with pearl (chain 42 cm.) 1300 kr.
Dragonling ring size. 51 (adjustable), 1050 kr.

 Extra artsy Curly Hoops
Curly hoop-like earrings 1400 kr.
With facet cut blue topazes: 1900 kr

Slender drops with pearls (chain 70 or 80 cm.) 1350 kr.

Chubby drop with pearl (chain 42 cm.) 1350 kr.
Slender drop with smoke quarz (chain 80 cm.) 1250 kr.