Monday, April 26, 2010

Froggy style

As some of you may have noticed, I'm currently working at Ossip Frolovs studio/shop in central Copenhagen. I'm completely in love with most of his designs, and find the frogs he uses in quite a few of them very fun:

I especially love it when he lets the frog hunt the crown the princess dropped in the well :

However, as he pointed out, he isn't the only one to use frogs. A quick Googling revealed an abundance of bejeweled frogs - many of them ranging from uninteresting to hideous. BUT a few do it well (some strange mixture of humor and quality) and amongst these is an old time favorite of mine: The German company Drachenfels (Dragon Cliff), who create sumptuous pieces with a silly twist. Just take a look at these very fairytalish quackers:

I still think I prefer Ossips version(s) though...
By the way: My favorite piece by Drachenfels is of cause with a dragon (I hope my boyfriend reads this ;-)

Will I be doing stuff with frogs? After having seen so many lovely specimens I don't think I can invent something truly my own - and I refuse to copy, so I think I'll leave the frogs to those who are so very competent and do something else like fairies. Nobody has ever done fairies before, right? ;-)

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