Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jewelry with humor - portable chuckles

Jewelry doesn't have to be so damn oh-look-at-hov-precious-my-bling-is serious. Noble materials are actually the coolest contrast to a portable wink-with-an eye and only the most daring do it. Here are some great examples that made me chuckle if not laugh out lound.

Here is Monika Krol with quite an istallation, making good use of your hands anatomy:

Fransizka Venrath combines dollafce with Mickey Mouse:

At Etsy, Auka sells custom made little beach sceneries. How about carrying around your own beach lion? This one is named Fabrizio:

And if you are into some serious bling plus Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland, there is no way around this ring by H. Stern sporting a smiling cat in a tree - together with a (un)healthy dose of diamonds (the branches are encrusted in ice!). At dig this: The smile of the Chesire Cat has been treated to glow in the dark!:

I guess the real challenge is the combination of aestetics and humor - still have a bit to learn on that account me thinks, but it's gonna be fun doing so ;-)


  1. Haha, awesome finds! Great post & some very interesting pieces. It really is a talent to create jewelry w/ a touch of humor, and a valuable one to have I think! Thanks for giving me a smile on a Sunday morning - off now to read your post about your tiny country. Coming from a tiny town myself, I think I'll quite enjoy it! I hope all's well w/ you! :)

  2. Hi Kim - nice to "see" you :-)
    Actually I have been thinking that Cory does some pretty fun stuff too. She definitely has humor in her pieces, especially the Oddlies.

    For those who do not Know Corys stuff, take a look here:

  3. I really liked your post it also made me smile. I love the humor in the jewelry and I am so much in love with the Chesire cat. So consistent.

  4. Love this post! Have you seen this seller? She cracks me up!