Friday, April 23, 2010

Internship in a magic realm

Sometimes you are lucky. And sometimes you are VERY lucky.

I consider myself very lucky indeed!

Since monday I have been working at/with the jeweller Ossip Frolov in central Copenhagen. Ossip creates the most amazing jewelry - very fairytale and Lalique inspired - just like me! When I approached him some weeks ago to ask him if he would have me for a month he said "haven't I seen you before somewhere?" Well surely! He has seen me standing many times outside his windows gawking in and drooling! ;-) Ossip works mainly with silver, which he likes oxydized and coarse as a contrast to the warm gold and glittering precious stones. Look at pretties like these:

"Wooooow!" I have been sighing SO often while taking in his newest designs. See more here And now I'm so lucky that he wants to play with me. For now until the 15th of may. I even got my own vitrine to display my jewelry in and I have to say, it looks quite cool lined up like that:

Note the new ring in the middle featuring a large garnet and a number of small reddish sapphires

The tiaras look very nice hung like that - Ossips idea to let them float

The new line of earrings which I'm photographing and uploading on Etsy when I have time. I have created quite a few different ones and am having some of them covered with 24 carat gold.

Here is the guy himself: Ossip Frolov is from Russia and has been living here since his teens. He is very sweet, fun and talented and we enjoy it a lot to share ideas and techniques. How wonderfull that we both benefit from this sweet deal!

So, if you happen to be around Copenhagen, Møntnergade 22 close to the Rosenborg Castle, come in and say hi! I'll be sitting on the red stool working partly with Ossips designs, partly mine. And I will most likely be smiling as I do either!


  1. Congrats! the work looks exciting!

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