Thursday, October 29, 2009

Testrun on the Halloween make-up

I'm visiting my girlfriend Susi and her newborn today, bringing along my allmost-finished halloween costume to hopefully finish it off there. But before, I tried out a make-up to go with it, and here's the result:

I'm not very satisfied with it -mainly the colour is a bit off. I'd like a warmer and more vibrant green, which matches the actual dress and also want it softer, which I guess it was quite smart to do this test-run. I've been looking at tutorials at YouTube also to get inspiration for a Corpse Bride make-up for Vinni so I'm ready to "do" her saturday. We'll be (at least) 3 girls and my brother tarting up before the actual party, and I kinda promised to help them with their make-up.

Now I'm off to buy a long white wig and matching beard for my friend Michael who will be -you guessed it- an iiiiiiiiiiiiivil sorcerer. The costume for him I have in my stash n the basement allready.

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