Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween preparations

Halloween is, at least here in Denmark, regarded as a very American tradition. During the last 5 -10 years, it has slowly wriggled itself into our list of holidays, and many wrinkle their nose at it. However, I am happy! Any excuse to create a new costume and arrange a great party is fine by me!

So I have of cause started sowing my costume (I'll tell you more about that in a later blog) and created this huge devil's head of papier machee. I build the frame using a narrow-meshed wire mesh and some steel wire, which took quite a few hours (and sore fingers plus scratched arms –ouch!) But finally it was ready to be clad and a few hours later it looked like this:

Note to self: wear latex gloves! The skin on my fingers is still dried out :-S

A few days later, my friend Vinni came over for two days in order to sow Halloween costumes and she gave the head it’s first red layer. Notice how everything still looks fairly organized and ready for sowing. It ended up a complete mess, but we had some good results!

Yesterday I finished off the shadowing on the face and later met with the friends who I am arranging the party with. We had great fun cutting pumpkin heads:

Meanwhile Michael gave my devils head the last and coolest detail: glowing red eyes! Honestly... I am fairly proud by my self-satisfied devil *grin*

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