Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A quickie: Hood for my daughter

It's autumn for real here in Copenhagen and the colours in our yard are amazing. Truly mit favorite time of the year. It's starting to get cold, but not more than it's still possible to dress comfortable and yet look stylish (well, if you have the time to do so).

My 5 year old daughter is allready wearing her winter jacket, which luckily still seems to fit, but her hat is at her fathers, I think. So today I decided to quickly sow her a hood from some fleece with cute flowers embroidered on, which I bought last year.

It IS a very simple pattern, and I think it would have fit her better if I had attached a brim of jersey around the face opening, but for now it works. A small felt flower from my stash made her shriek of joy, so that went on too. 30 min work and a happy and warm daughter. Now that's time well spent :-)

Afterwards I couldn't get the hood off her. She insisted on wearing it while drawing and wasn't lured out of it until I temped her with a bath. By then her cheeks were of cause rather flushed, but she looked quite cute, my little flower-forest-elf...

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