Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jewelry with content: "Sprout" celebrates new beginnings

I have been working with my newest collection "Sprout" for a while. It is based on the notion of a seed on the brink of bursting and letting out the already juicy and impatiently waiting sprout. The amulet symbolizes a future promise of becoming something great! Be it a new job, new year, new relationship or a new life forming inside the belly of a lucky woman...

The original version, which I still sell in my shop, was very simple and just tied into a lace of leather. However lately, I have transformed it into a collection of unisex pieces, featuring necklaces in 3 different sizes (2,6 cm, 2,2 cm and 1,5 cm) hung from a bail as well as bracelets. The large Sprout is a bold statement piece, mostly meant for men, while the middle size suits men as well as women. Both are held in place around the neck with a sturdy leather cord (smooth or braided) with a beautifully flowing S-hook to lock it into place. The smallest version however, is much more delicate ornament, and hence hangs by a slender silver chain.

The bracelet is based on the medium size and like the two larger necklaces fastened to the arm by a smooth or braided leather cord. Find this new collection of hope talismans at my homepage

Sprout necklace medium pendant, with smooth leather cord
1200 kr.

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