Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's on my bench these days?

Currently I'm experimenting with oxydized silver in combination with gold. I am working two parallell projects: a mans ring and a delicate wrapping ring.

The mans is created from a huge silver ring, which I', making even bigger by adding a layer of gold inside (fusing it together)

Here the fusing is done and the initial filing. It's cuddling with the equally half-finished wrapping ring...

Okay, here the filing and polishing is done. The ring shank has a total of almost 5 mm, so a huuuuge one!

Now, what happens when i oxidize it?

Mmmmm nice... it goes from very clean and bright, gold and silver just being nuances, to a stark contrast. I'm loving i! However, I think most would prefer it to be a bit more slim at the sides for comfort - though I must say, that I was surprised to feel how comfortable it was, even with it's full 5 mm thickness! Must be because it was so round and soft...

So, I decided to file something of the sides:

Very nice too!

Now, what does it look like when oxidized?

Here we go! Very nice indeed! Me likes...

So, what about the female wrapping ring?

Uhhh.... very pretty and airy!

Also VERY nice! The oxydized silver really brings out the gold! It has to be at least 14 k though. I did this with 8 k, and that turned somehat rosy. Cute, but the contrast wasn't that big.

Maybe I should even put in a few sparkling diamonds? Nah - that's going to be next time...


  1. Love the contrast between the patina and gold! Gorgeous!

  2. Meget flot. Er også ret vild med det rå udtryk i overfladen og det feminine formsprog. Oxyderingen giver en utrolig effekt med kombination af guld, en dejlig dybde. Bruger det også selv.

  3. Love the combo of gold and oxidized silver. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful work (as usual)Karin! Glad to see your studio is up and running. I wish you much success!!

  5. so beautiful! contrast is amazing