Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feeling secure

So, I’m all set up in my brand new gallery, which I took over from a goldsmith – with all security measures in place. Tonight I got it tested – not by a burglar, but by accident and myself, which was a very ensuring experience! I had forgotten my mobile in the gallery and after having visited a friend swung by to pick it up. My gallery has roll-down bars in front of all windows, cameras, sensors, you name it, and all hooked up to an alarm central, which I pay for (dearly) every month.

I thought I could just disconnect the alarm, roll up the bars, run in and fetch the phone and out again. Not so – of cause. The second the alarm went off, the company called me to find out if I were the source or if they should get out full force. I called them off and thanked them - and was mightily impressed. THAT was a very fast reaction indeed! So now I pay my monthly fees happily, very sure that my and my commissionaires’ jewelry is very safe indeed…

So, I carry on creating increasingly valuable jewelry with a calm heart. Here are some of the latest beauties from Gallery Castens:

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