Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jewelry gallery –now with homepage!

My gallery has been in office for a month and it has been paramount to me to give it a virtual home too. With the help of my good friend Michael, I have been building and building and now it’s done: http://www.gallericastens.dk/ . Take a look at it and especially the amazing artists who have their work exhibited here too!

And haven’t I been working at my bench at all while the homepage came into being? Of cause – I have to ;-) Amongst others I decided to do a light version of an older design – the fairy flower, made of oxidized silver with gold leaf, a peridot and a light amethyst.

Here is the new version made of bright polished silver, a wire of 14k gold, a peridot (again) and a pearl. Both are beautiful I think – can’t decide which one is my favourite…


  1. Det virker som om at linket ikke virker

  2. Men det gør det nu - glemte et lille, men ikke ubetydeligt L :-)