Thursday, December 30, 2010

A big ring came to life

All has been about the Gallery lately and I have barely had time to actually work with creating jewelry. However, this week I took out a few hours and decided to start doing again what this is all about. I sat down a created one of my signature “big rings” of silver and 14 carat gold. Its focal point is a green amethyst set in gold and flanked by 3 white diamonds set in some of the golden balls.

I like working with a design like this because I get to explore layers and depths. This ring is extremely 3-dimensional and reveals itself as something new whenever you change the angle. This is a piece to get lost in…


  1. Fantastisk smuk ring- præcis som dine andre smykker:-)
    Jeg ønsker dig alt mulig held og lykke med din nye butik, det ser rigtig spændende ud.
    Må vist hellere snart komme til København og shoppe:-)

  2. Tak Hanne :-) Kom endelig - jeg får flere og flere talentfulde kunstnere ind, så der er efterhånden en del at komme efter!

  3. Your work has layers and speaks volumes! As always I love it. Your new gallery is looking awesome also.

  4. This ring has found its new owner - I didn't get to have it for very long... better make more of my "big" rings ;-) Especially since they are somuch fun to make!