Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reforging wedding rings

Sometimes a piece of jewelry does not fit the bearer – style wise that is. It happens, no biggie, but downright annoying when it’s your wedding bands. Now, here’s the story of our heroes: Once upon a time, Ann Karina and Jesper, the founders of the trading site decided to look for more interesting wedding rings than the ones they hastily had purchased, when they -at the spur of the moment- decided to get married . The result was a great marriage, but boring rings, which so did not match these two interesting personalities.

So, they went online on a search for new wedding rings and of cause found Etsy. Many ooohs and aaaahs were heard in front of their computer, as they browsed though the many amazing shops here – and as they realized what a great concept this was. “Let’s build one for Danes in Denmark” they thought and so they did. was the result and it opened this summer. However, the two simple 8 carat golden bands were still nesteled around their fingers – looking just as boring as always.

When I joined Amio, we got to know each other and I have later been told, that they rather quickly decided that I was going to be the one to reforge their rings into their true shape. And hence, some weeks ago we met and discussed the many possibilities - which to me was great for clarifying what exactly they wanted. We ended up with two very different rings. Jespers was going to be a coarse and dark oxidized silver band, lined with the gold from his original ring. Ann Karina wanted her original ring to be changed into a round band, that turned around a more chunky and somewhat oxidized silver ring. And so I boldly (though also somewhat awed by the task) went onto the quest:

First, I created a basic shape of two component modeling clays. Massively clumsy, but with the rings to be hidden inside, waiting to be freed.

Then I started carving out Jespers silver ring to fit snugly around the original version. I had filed the outer surface of it absolutely flat, in order for it to slip easily into the silver cover.

After casting and renovating the silver version, I fused the golden ring into the silver ring and then filed the silver ring until it exposed the golden lining on the sides. The oxidization created the final touch and a very stark contrast to the warm gold.

Ann Karinas ring was a tad more complicated. Creating the shape was easy enough

-But in order to sand cast it, I had to split it in two, cast each of the halves individually and then solder them back together.

Then I recast her old ring into a very thick wire and drew it down to roughly 2 mm thick, before shaping the outer ring. Soldering that one in place without soldering it all together was… an interesting challenge ;-) I succeeded however, and today I was able to hand over the rings to the two owners:

Ann Karinas is soft and feminine, with the warmth of her spirit lively moving around. Jespers is coarse and masculine, almost hiding the warmth of his golden center. In time, he will wear some of the oxidization off, thereby marking his ring with his own lived life.

It was a pleasure to create – and a true pleasure to finish the beautiful story of their rings. They have now returned to their owners – but now in their true shape…


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