Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall break

I am so blessed: Currently my good friend Claus is ”working” in my workshop, as a sort of internship. He is helping me out with a lot of things that I haven’t had time to do – such as sorting and more importantly – pricing my jewelry and stones plus moving my pieces from my Phantasteria shop to my Castens shop. More about that in another post. Yesterday he got a go at sand casting with moderate success. But it’s I messed up the first (and second and third) time too, so he’s doing great by that standard!

Claus is good company as he is, but when I call him a blessing, I am referring to the fact that I had become quite stressed. With my day job, regular household chores plus being a good mother/girlfriend, my Castens company with way too many ambitions and ideas was taking a huge toll on me. I figured out that I had a working week of between 60 and 70 hours and so no wonder I was starting to fall apart! Claus is helping me getting structure and system into the whole project which is the base for being at ease and working freely.

Lucky, lucky me…

However, I am still in due need of a holiday. Brain has stopped functioning, as Claus so vividly illustrated a few days ago.

So tomorrow I’m flying to Finland with my daughter to meet with my boyfriend at his father’s house in the woods. We will be taking long walks in said woods, go to the sauna and relax with capital R until I return Sunday the 24th in the evening to resume my busy life.

So: happy fall vacation to those others who take a break too!

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