Saturday, June 26, 2010

A room of ones own

So I got myself a new studio - a bare and hampered room to be changed into something completely else. Given the fact that I have worked in a number of different places, but never really able to make it MY space, I was yearning for a room, that would be the essence of me. -My cave where my inspiration could flow freely and undisturbed, build itself up to the crescendo of new designs and new beauty. Therefore, the aesthetics of the room that was to be my new studio/shop was very important to me.
I chose to create a calm canvas of white and green, adding wood, black and gold to the cocktail. The result is quite stunning if I may say so myself. I have been working hard for one month, dedicating literally every wake hour to this project.  My home looks like a wasteland, I have no more visible horizontal surfaces there, the laundry basked hasn’t been able to be closed for weeks and my kid hasn’t had the most nutritious and well-prepared meals etc. But I have made a year-long dream come true: I have my own studio shop!
I went from this:

To this:

Now it’s finally time to create all the long-time-due custom orders (sorry and thank you for being so patient!) and turn all those ideas that have been massing in my mind and sketch books into reality. Oh bliss!


  1. Wow! That's stunning. Thank you for posting images from your new studio, I've been so curious in how it turned out. Congratulations to your new realm of brilliance. :-) /anneli

  2. It looks awesome!! I love the little window really looks great!

  3. Damn! That's amazing!! Really beautiful space! Congrats!