Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New toys!

I’m currently stocking up on a lot of tools that I have been missing for a while. The list is long and I buy them as I get the money, but this morning I had a shipment from the UK. Mmmmm.... the smell of a fresh tool shipment in the morning...

 Inside was a collection of tools that I had long needed: Long tweezers (so nice not to burn your fingertips when you work with tweers while soldering), a tiny hammer (to harden open jump rings after montage), tools for wax carving (I have the wax and the ideas now I just need the time...) a new burnisher (where did my old one go?!) and most importantly: bezel mandrels in a number of different shapes.

Granted, I’m not sure how to exactly work with some of them – especially the star shaped one eludes me. Any ideas? However, I got them a lot cheaper than if I should have bought them here in Denmark (alle nine for the price of 2 bough at my local vendor) and hence rush to recommend the eBay shop: Jewellers-Tools

Now off to the workshop where I’m working on a number of projects with flowers. Here is a teaser ;-)

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