Friday, May 21, 2010

Two men in leather harnesses

That's right! I rented two men who dressed up in leather harnesses for me. Sounds seriously kinky, but actually it was "just" because they were designated to deliver my new safe. Well, I have to admit that I was extremely excited, though not in that way ;-)

I have managed to find an amazing antique safe created at a time when things were made to last. It isn't particularly big, but none the less, my new baby brings a whooping 400 kilos + on the scale! Due to the fact that my workshop is situated in a tall basement, there was a flight of four stairs to conquer in order to reach its final destination. Try moving over 400 compact kilos securely down four stairs! Hence the harnesses...

Getting it out of the van and the last meters to the door was the easy part. Then the two guys spent the next 20 minutes adjusting the straps of their harnesses in order to be damned sure that all was right before going down. I was so nervous, I couldn't look!

And all of a sudden it was in place and I was both relieved and happy.

I realized, that renting my new studioshop wasn't the biggest step. That was buying and installing the safe. It will cost half of the price of it to move it again and hence now I'm almost literally stuck. This is it. Now I'm dagnamit doing it! I guess it should freak me out, but I'm calm and happy and am in a hurry to get it all up and working: I have no less than 10 commissions waiting!

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