Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Uniform individuals

We love jewelry and how it shows off our personal and very individual taste. Currently, we are facing a new generation, who are even more focused on individuality than before. According to Mazlows hierarchy of need, we need to have a lot of basics covered before we can venture into self-realization like we do now, here in the western world. I guess it says something about how spoiled we basically are, that so many of us have reached that top of the pyramid. We all shout “I am unique” just like Monty Pythons “Life of Brian”

So what has all that to do with jewelry? Well, of cause we could all only wear OOAK (one of a kind) jewelry, perhaps even custom made, just for us. But few do that in spite of the fact that it isn't as expensive as many might think - as the items in mine and other Etsyans shops shows. Most just buy whatever they find in the shops, and that jewelry is, for good reasons, mass-produced.

But wait… mass-produced and individuality doesn’t rhyme, right? Right. So the solution is obvious and quite few companies have delved into it: create something consisting of a basic piece of jewelry, that can be mixed and matched with new details or other pieces within the same series. The Danish company Pandora is the champion of this discipline and hence very copied. But also others like Spinning, who create stackable rings have seen the light. The principle with the rings is so simple and obvious, that many have copied the idea. So if you want a handmade version, artists like DonnaOdendesigns (rings), Shopelegante (bracelets) or Avinot  (earrings) have taken up the glove of that battle.

And so have I of cause. I have two versions. One small one  which I designed almost 10 years ago (before Pandora did the same thing –damn, should have gone big then) and a set of large, curly ones, that I love a lot. THESE ones I am the only one doing so far (I think at least…)

No matter what: I too like the versatility of being able to wear my favorite piece with whatever matches my outfit. So I stand up in the crowd and shout along “I’m an individual” ;-)

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  1. that's a great clip! there's something about monty python and etsy that just goes together...

    what is unique is the time each person has. like those mix and matches!