Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking over the shoulders of the tattooing artists

I admit it: I watch LA Ink. I’m fascinated by this show! I don’t have a tattoo, and even though I want one and will also have it made at some point, I could never go to the extremes that these people do. But that is also why I’m so fascinated by them. They take it to the max, and then some. These people make a living by their own creativity and are a fantastic combination of artists and craftsmen/women.
When I saw their sketching technique I was immediately intrigued: First they draw a very loose sketch with many lines, correcting themselves over and over with a colored pencil. And then they put tissue paper over it and make the “real” sketch, which of cause comes out way neater. But actually I like the combination. The moment where you see both versions lined up – the rough, very alive and growing sketch and the finished drawing that picks up all the best lines and details and crystallizes them into the best possible version.
I want that too! I said to myself, and took it as an excuse to visit my favorite paper/pen/architecture-model-material shop and went wild buying different green pens (yup, you guessed it – green is my favorite color ;-) plus a fresh black one.
The next day, I had got a custom order for a ring featuring an amazing deeply green tourmaline, set in gold and a few white sapphires. What a perfect opportunity to test my new technique! So, here we are: the many versions of the ring she wanted:

We settled on the two with the crosses. That is, she gave me free hands to decide the last details as I went along, since sometimes the pieces develop differently when you actually create it. Now I just need to order the gold to get started – I can’t wait :-)

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  1. I can't wait to see the pics of the new piece! sounds like a great stone.

    tattoos are interesting to me more in the abstract. whenever i see it on a person i'm always reminded of the old tattoos i've seen and not liked as much.