Thursday, March 13, 2014

An inherited ring turned into a 

one of a kind piece

This ring has been created from the old wedding ring of my customers father, which she wanted to wear, but changed into something special and personal to her. On the exterior the 18k gold ring was to look radically different, but it was a prerequisite that all engravings on the inside were preserved. 

I solved the task by locally file a bit away of the width of the ring, stretch it and shape it into an organic, curved design. The ring was given a coarse surface and had a slim curl and some bubbles added, which hold an oval and juicily beautiful green tourmaline.

The ring turned very, very beautiful and my client was happy when she left the gallery.

In retrospect I created a number of sketches of rings inspired by this design. I chose to put a blue stone in it, but materials and surfaces are as always interchangeable and optional.

Want to see another ring based on the same directions but with a different outcome? Take a look at this amethyst ring

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