Monday, March 7, 2011

Delicate gold pendant

Gold is just delicious, isn’t it? The warmth of the metal, especially in contrast to something cooler, such as silver or diamonds is just so sumptuous. Lately, I have had the opportunity to work a bit more with gold, as a number of my customers have brought me gold to be reforged.

This time it was a very simple and, to be honest, rather ugly pendant in a lovely, slender snake chain. It was rectangular with 5 little bowls in it, each holding one diamond. The pendant was made of 14k gold and had diamonds – that was the good part. The shape was uninspired, to be friendly. This is when I should show you a before picture and doh… I didn’t make one. Then at least I should show you process pictures and again… I didn’t make them.

So, to be quick about this, before showing you the end result, this is what I did: I pulled out the diamonds and cast the gold into a stick. I rolled and drew it down to 1,5 mm wire and then I created “the usual” Karin-curly-pendant, this time with balls holding 3 of the diamonds and a facet cut drop of clear quartz.

The result I absolutely loved!


  1. so pretty. you work is just beautiful

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