Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy bracelet days

I am so lucky… I am currently having a customer visiting me and my shop all the way from France! Well, she isn’t only here for my jewelry, but still… it sounds kind of cool to say “a customer is coming in from France” while looking important. Never manage that last part – I start chucklin’ also because Melanie, as is her name, is just such a nice person! If I’m really lucky, I get to upgrade her to the status “friend”. Let’s see…

Anyways, Melanie had bought a few of my pieces via Etsy, amongst those an oxidized bracelet form the fairy treasure-collection with a moonstone in a golden bezel.

She then realized, that the bracelet was a tad big for her and convoed me to ask if I could make it smaller for her. Now, it holds a stone and hence I was very hesitant to do just that, so I offered her to make her a new one – then she would also get the chance of having it custom made.

So, Melanie came to my shop, had some tea (and lunch) and sat down in my window seat to draw herself a new bracelet while I worked and we chatted. Very cosy indeed! I showed her a bracelet that I had just finished (it’s for sale on Amio):

Inspired by that, she decided on an open bracelet with curls in each end and a somewhat smaller leaf. It’s not often that I get to work physically with my customer, but this was a very nice experience. Melanie stayed around while I worked on her bracelet, and hence could all the time make new choices when I had to make some – instead of just accepting my choices. To me it was a big relief to have her choose as we went, making sure that she got exactly what she wanted. In the end she decided to only have the leaf (which was somewhat smaller than the original) itself oxidized and exchange the moonstone with an emerald.

And here is the result:

We were both very pleased with the result and I will definitely work a bit more with this design! Luckily Melanie stayed around and will visit me tomorrow too before she’s heading back to France.

I have enjoyed both her visit and working with her immensely and hope to see her again. Business or not – she’s plain pleasant company!


  1. How lovely the new bracelet turned out!!

  2. Hi mon amie Karin :D !

    I'm now back in France. It was a real pleasure to meet you, and I hope to see you quickly in Paris.

    Thank you so much for the hours we spent in your workshop.

    My sister is absolutly fond of her new bracelet (don't forget to update Amio) ;).

    See you !

  3. Salu Melanie :-)

    I decided to let this bracelet become a basic design for customers to... customize. So I left in on Amio and wrote that it's gonna be created especially uppon ordering. It truly is a very special bracelet and I am allready experimenting a bit more with these designs - thank you for being such an inspiration!