Friday, August 13, 2010

A childs design

”Aunt Karin” is one of my titles, earned by the children of my brother. And aunt Karin received last year a small drawing from her niece Marie. She was four and a half and had drawn the most amazing little ornament. Jewelry nerd as I am, I of cause immediately saw a pretty piece and took it home with me.
There it was – in a drawer, and waited. Actually, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it: I wanted to create a piece, inspired by Maries drawing, for her mother’s birthday in may. But may came and went and I was busy setting up my studio-shop and so I was a bad sister-in-law and did not give her a birthday present. Because I was stubborn: I WANTED to give her a piece inspired by her own daughter. And so, one year after Marie made her brilliant little creation, I finally took my time to create a 3D version in silver.
And here we are: the doodle and its silvery sister
Initially I wanted to just be inspired by Maries drawing and make a symmetric piece, perhaps with inlaid ivory or cast colored plastic, but eventually I decided to copy her design as faithfully as I could, keeping the crooked lines. They are cute me thinks and capture Maries skills at a particular point in time.
I am pretty satisfied. The attached beads were the closest I could get to Maries design with the materials I had at hand. I would have liked something slightly more sturdy, but they still do the trick I’d say. 
The overall appearance works like a charm – and I am happy to tell, that the mother was quite thrilled to receive this little unique piece of jewelry –a co-production by her daughter and sister in law. Awwwwwww :-)

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