Monday, March 22, 2010

Completely stoned

Nope, not on any kind of pills, powder or weeds – stones are my drugs and today my latest purchase of rubies arrived. LOOK at them!!! This color, this deep luscious color is just amazing! AND I even managed to get a decent quality: Most are VS-SI, while the round pair is a VVS-VS. In the back I have to roughs of apr. the same high quality. They will be interesting to create something different with.

Of cause IF or Clear is what you’d aim for, but I have to say – it’s so easy to create a very convincing looking stone artificially and sell it for real, that I have started to prefer stones with a few flaws, which show that the stone is genuine and natural. And so these are, in my book, absolutely perfect :-)

Oh my… I had other plans for todays work in my workshop, but I have to scrap them. Must-make-something-with-rubies!
Hope to show you the result soon!

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