Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo shoots –now with model!

It sucks being a perfectionist. That means that I can never “just” take a picture. Noooo – I have to get the entire light and background setting up –or even get myself a model! Last week I did both. First with my pretty cousin Laura, who modeled briefly for my chain (which sold shortly after. I’m sure it’s due to her ;-)and then another photoshoot of jewelry with the help of my good friend Michael who has a super cool camera with macro lens and a creative streak that works well with mine. 

The light box I created a while ago (see my post here) and it works decently. I added my bright light (yes, I get depressed in winter and use it to cheer up a bit) to create even more light.

With Laura we had another situation. She is slender and all, but still way too big to fit into the light box. The solution is here:

1) Behind the door opening to her left is the 500V work lamp propped on a ladder and screened off by a white sheet

2) To her right the bright light

3) In front (and held by me in my left hand while shooting with my right) a cheap halogen lamp to make the jewelry and especially the stones sparkle



Does it work?

Well enough, considering :-)

And, as always, when working with a model, the last pictures come out the best. As I said: Laura is pretty, and she does quite decently on these first pictures.

After a break and some laughs however, she transformed into a model. I just went “woooow!” Isn’t that amazing? The brooch she is wearing is from my full-body-jewelry piece Rapunzel, which I will put on sale on Etsy soon. But so far it’s exclusively seen here ;-)

Thank you Michael and Laura!

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