Thursday, December 17, 2009

Climate and the big honchos

Wow... it has been snowing overnight. Yesterday afternoon it started, but was just this wet and cold stuff that melts immediately. Nothing to take very seriously. But this morning everything is looking white, soft and clean. How christmasy can you get? Of cause some parts of the country are in trouble: cars get stuck etc. Still, selfish as I am, I rejoice like a kid :-) I'm stuck inside though because I managed to get a cold and am writing in the much used presence of Kleenex *snief*. But at least I can look out at the beauty:

And its just very, very cozy inside! With snow on the windows and my favorite christmas decoration:

And what a timing for the snow to arrive! Right now, the big honchos are pouring into Copenhagen for the COP15 meeting. The leaders of over 100 countries are meeting in an effort to reduce the CO2 emission and act a lot more sustainable in general. Never have this many leaders met at once and that itself is awe-inspiring. Question is: will they actually achieve a result that will change something for real? It would be embarrassing if they didn’t after all this effort and I AM a hopeless optimist. Still I fear a less good result…

However, a lot of attention to the issue has of cause been stirred and if nothing else, that is positive and will hopefully lead everyone to be more aware and act accordingly. This attention is also driven by the many (cultural) activities taking place here in Copenhagen. Last Sunday, my parents, my daughter and I took a walk through the city. We started at Rådhuspladsen (the town hall square), where we had the incredible luck of witnessing Desmond Tutu (yes, the very one!) speak. Now he really IS a phenomena and very entertaining, that old man.

Afterwards (and after some hot cocoa in a café) we joined a lecture on a plant-trees-project in Sudan, which sounded really good. It took place in a Mongolian yurte and what a fascinating structure!

We also passed a lot of other exhibitions on our way through the city. Here a bronze cast of a life-size ice bear skeleton has been clad with ice to mimic fur and flesh. As you can see, a lot of it has already molten away. What a great way to symbolize the trouble the ice bears are in due to the melting ice! And what a beautiful and interactive sculpture.

The city is brimming with different languages and ethnic looks –far more than usual and I love it. However, many of them seem very cold and no wonder: They only wear very thin jackets. But then again: What is the likelihood to be able to acquire a winter jacket in Sudan for instance? Hence an acquaintance of mine started a quick gathering of used winter jackets to donate to our freezing guest. Now that is hospitality for you!

A very large grop of our guests have come to demonstrate -some in a very violent way. Here is a YouTube video atempting (and clearly succeeding) to enroll the angry young people of the world:

Its very efficiant. I am absolutely against those riots, but its still a very catchy video. Unfortunately... basically I think they are right. Capitalism (paired wth general human nature) has gotten us where we are now climate-wise. But I completely disagree with the means to protest! Police has of cause taken its precautions, erected temporary prisons in cages within sports facilities and enrolled forces from all over the country (remember: we are only 5.000.000). Companies like Shell and 7-11 have prepared too:

Soon its all over. I so hope the result of the COP15 will link Copenhagen to something positive unlike Kyoto. So pray to whatever force or diety you believe in that they will succeed!

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